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LCBF obtains defense verdict on liability in traumatic brain injury case

In Skorupski v. Paley, a Monmouth County, New Jersey jury returned a defense verdict in favor our clients following a three- week trial. Plaintiff allegedly sustained mild traumatic brain injuries as a result of being pushed by another student on a school bus and asserted negligence claims against the bus company and driver. Plaintiff called numerous liability and damages witnesses to testify, including three expert witnesses. LCBF was able to rebut plaintiff’s theories of liability and damages through cross-examination of witnesses and use of plaintiff’s social media. Plaintiff sought monetary damages for pain and suffering, disability/impairment and loss of enjoyment of life, as well as $1.7 to $2.2 million in future economic losses. The LCBF team was headed by Joseph Tomaino and Gerald Ford.

Court praises LCBF in approving $265 million MDL settlement

Judge Legrome D. Davis (E.D.Pa.) lauded Mark Landman in approving the $265 million settlement of claims arising from the May 12, 2015 derailment in Philadelphia, which generated over 120 lawsuits on behalf of over 150 passengers who were hurt and the families of those who died. He found Mark “instrumental to a timely and fair disposition of this MDL” and “Amtrak’s early acknowledgment of liability and … agreement to tender $265 million upfront, rather than four or five years in the future… allowed everyone to focus on settlement.” He thanked Mark and his counterparts for “exceptional” leadership and the parties for minimizing costs, “working together toward realizing shared goals and objectives as quickly as practicable,” and enhancing “the overall quality of the litigation process, and hopefully … public confidence in the court as an institution." The LCBF team included John Bonventre and Yuri Brunetti.